St Enodoc Asparagus is about to burst into life again.  The green shoots are just showing above the sandy soil after hiding below ground while the winter storms go over. However, the salt deposits on the soil improve the flavour as the spears break ground. We don’t use artificial polytunnels to warm the soil to bring them up prematurely but wait until the air and soil temperatures are optimum for bringing the crowns back to life.

So, you lucky people, we will be harvesting every day that they are ready to pick and making sure that the crop gets into your kitchens within hours of being cut before the sugars decline. Next time you see some asparagus for sale in a shop, check whether the cut ends look dry and withered.  If so, leave them behind and ask where you can get hold of some St Enodoc Asparagus!

Available in 3 Sizes

Jumbo - 15/20 spears per kg
Medium - 40/50 spears per kg
Sprue - 90/100 spears per kg

Call us on 07975515832 for orders

Local deliveries 3 times weekly

Call us for postal deliveries: Post and Packing with 5 kg Minimum order